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In this series, I play the different versions of a modern housewife character. Staging the scenes with objects that define stereotypes, femininity, patriarchy, and the housewife lifestyle while performing a passionate or exhausted attitude of this domestic role. In previous generations, women were expected to stay at home and those who wanted to obtain a career were often stigmatized but now in modern society, women who don’t have a career are being criticized. I let society influence me as an adolescent girl and now that I am a woman that has recently entered adulthood, I entertain one of society’s gender roles for women, the Housewife Role.

Housewife Role seeks to question and analyze what defines being a housewife.

Is it maintaining the household while your partner is at work?
Is it cooking and cleaning?
Is it doing laundry?
Is it paying the bills?
Is it taking care of your children?
Is it being alone?
Is it being tired and not feeling appreciated?

Why does one become a housewife?

Is it following gender roles?
Is it not being able to afford child care?
Is it because your partner forced you to become a housewife?
Is it graduating from college but getting married and becoming a housewife?
Is it obtaining a career but becoming a housewife when you arrive at home?
Is it working from home and also being a housewife?
Is it loving your family and wanting to take care of them?
Is it because you’re better at doing housework than your partner?
Is it because you love being a housewife?

While exploring this role, I’ve discovered that women may become housewives for numerous reasons such as beliefs, desires, economic class, or culture. For most housewives, they want to be valued and it’s ultimately up to them to reclaim their role. Upon making this work, I have realized that I will not conform to society’s gender role expectations and that becoming a housewife does not work for me and my lifestyle.