email: Anorman@pratt.edu
Instagram: @averynorman

Like many of my photographic projects, this series came to fruition by accident. I have always been drawn to photograph girls around my age and in my life but it was only recently that I came to understand the reason why. My experience growing up with the expectations placed on girls and women is something that I have been thinking about for as long as I can remember. This series allows me to explore female identity in the context of young women transitioning into adulthood.

My process typically involves a 4x5 camera on a tripod and placing subjects against a backdrop that has relevance to the current stage of their life, whether that be their apartment, their roof, or a space in which they naturally spend time. My intention is to document these girls as authentically as possible in terms of how they choose to express themselves and their identity, while remaining true to the simplicity of my photographic style. I believe that a portrait is a collaboration, one that is partially a portrait of the photographer and partially a portrait of the subject. One way of achieving this is allowing the subjects to style themselves and make choices regarding backdrop. I am interested in the idea of young women portraying young women as a means to counter the male gaze. My primary concern is to take back the female image through truthful documentation that empowers women and gives them control over their representation.