Alexis Dias
Instagram: @alexisamahni

The body of work “The North End” explores my identity within the domestic construct of family. After experiencing being a college student far away, eager to escape home I’m forced to find new ways of being in old spaces as my relationship with my family continues to grow alongside my personal maturation. Deriving from childhood traumas and current struggles, I continue to document my family and the home that my parents currently reside in. My step-father’s past years of alcoholism that turned into religion and godly wisdom. My mother’s bipolar tendencies that she refuses to accept. The anxiety I embody here in this space. All of these have become the quiet narrative behind these images. These are the things that are hard to talk about. Simple photographs with underlying meaning display a somewhat conventional family structure masking the arguments and issues. I use self-portraiture to document myself trying to find the meaning of it all, slowly wrapping my head around time and space as they continually shift and change.