Ani conboy
Instagram: @ani_Con_

Since I was a child I’ve always had small moments and scenes that stick with me when I zone out or close my eyes. This project focuses on how my brain categorizes and holds these memories and information. It speaks on my need for repetition or a constant to remember things. The images themselves stand as individual memories and moments, This piece complex and deep while also being easy to read for information and feeling. I made Tapestries as a physical piece to be reminiscent of a quilt my grandmother made for me as a child. An important part of this work is the patchwork feeling, the feeling of things being put back together from being apart instead of a new pairing. Moments within the tapestries are inspired by phosphenes the stars you might see after rubbing your eyes a moment too long. The small moments I talk about are my Phosphenes. My daily thought process tends to be scattered and I often lose track of what happened when and these images are to portray that scattered feeling. The piece is influenced by this because the memories that I hold themselves aren’t fully formed or crisp. This work is a peak into how I remember my life and view the world.