Arron Wickson
Instagram: @arronwickson

This project which at the moment is Untitled,
is a series of works that will hopefully extend for a longer period of time than the last project mentioned. This project is a hard topic to speak on, especially seeing the fact that it is extremely personal and goes towards capturing my life as I see it, focusing on environments and items specifically. This project has gone many different directions but has finally taken a step in the right direction. The project so far has been mainly about the transition into quarantine from college, which for everyone in every situation has been extremely stressful and very displeasing. Moving forward with the project, the work will focus on living at home with the increasingly difficult situation that my family has created for everyone around them, even themselves. The project so far has been ever-changing so while this thought is in my mind moving forward, the project and the time limit on the project will be forever-changing.