Brandon Foushee
instagram: @Fooshphotos

I photograph to create a visual and internal dialogue between the viewer, subject, and photographer. The people I engage with are a reflection of my own reality. To celebrate the daily routine of life is to challenge expectation and interpretation. This is precisely the result of photographing the intangible depictions of the internal self. My work illuminates a certain quality of light that each person has within them; the particular pause a person has during the daily, mundane motions of life.

During a Tuesday brunch hour, I photograph individuals like Jaylen and Edgar, young black scholars, in their Brooklyn apartment. We speak merely about our day to day experiences and just pass the time. Our enjoyment of each other's presence is an intimate experience. Photographing moments like this exemplify a private, contemporary moment about self-reflection. A depiction of black people in a normal scenario is of value.

Cherishing the comings and goings of times like these doesn’t feel like a premature memory, but a thriving, active moment which has been underrepresented in the depiction of a more nuanced perspective of blackness. As both the participant and the observer, I reflect upon my own experiences by creating a dynamic that points to the pause, the normal, and the quiet.