Brooklyn Cobb
Email: Instagram: @brooklynbcobb

I’m thinking about space and the way different spaces feel different. I remember the way the grocery store in my hometown felt before they renovated it, how it felt like an extension of my home. I knew where everything was, I parked in the same aisle of the parking lot every time.

I’m thinking about how parking lots are a space for potential connections. How the asphalt weathers and stains, so I know people have been here before me, a reassuring confirmation that these things are real.

I’m thinking about the spaces that maybe nobody has touched before, or considered in the same way. I wonder if anyone has ever considered the side of the highway before in this way… really considered it, maybe even studied it.

I’m thinking about observation and what it means to observe something and learn it’s nuances, the way that light works in this context, and the stories we can project onto these spaces.