Cade Curran
Instagram: @cadecurran

A Study of Lower Manhattan’s Architectural Diversity

As a photographer, I am drawn to shooting landscapes and architecture. Thus, living in New York City right now is absolutely ideal for me. I enjoy shooting the city’s skyline from a distance as much as I like closing in on a specific building.

For my final project I am exploring the architectural scenery of Lower Manhattan. Thus far this semester, I have spent a lot of time walking around and exploring the streets of Lower Manhattan, specifically in the Lower East Side and Tribeca. Since the start of the semester I have shot more than a thousand images from which I have chosen 14 to present for Survey. The final series of images is a personal study of the landscape and architecture of two New Yorks. The first set of images represent the perception of the city from an outsider, and the second that showcases more of the architectural diversity in the neighborhoods south of Houston Street.

Bernice Abbott’s photographs of New York City were my biggest inspiration, specifically “Pike and Henry Streets, Manhattan, “Canyon: Broadway”, “Exchange Place, Manhattan”, and “Cedar Street from William Street, Manhattan”. I would like for my images to share some of the qualities of her pictures. For example, in many of works, she indirectly communicated her personal opinions on the subject matter through specific artistic choices, like accentuating the height of buildings through force perspective.

Another artist who has influenced my work is Billy Dihn. His unique style of shooting in conjunction with people and landscapes to create a narrative is what I aspire to achieve in my own work. I also admire his ability to capture light in a way that turns mundane settings, such as a ferry ride or an empty street at night, into compelling images. His work is striking and cinematic, but despite the scale he is still able to focus the viewer's attention on a single subject. Other photographers who inspire my work in general include Chase Guttman, Matt Dirksen, Micheal Kenna, Joel Meyerowitz, Lynn Saville, and Gregory Crewdson.