camerynn kaman
Instagram: @camerynnkaman
 started as a way for me to make all of the fashion-inspired pictures that I desired to explore, that my Art Institute said didn't hold enough meaning or value because they focused on a commercial audience. I thought that If I went out of my way to make an over-the-top concept. A magazine that exists in an alternate world where I control the narrative, every character is a clone of myself, and I get to play with all the topics I was told were too self-indulgent; no professor could look at me and tell me I wasn't putting in enough thought. However, while making CITY7 for the past year and having my pictures critiqued by my peers every week, I started to like the conversation forming around CITY7's pages. Though my objective of making commercial work hasn't changed, I'm now also trying to provoke a discussion within the viewer about media, celebrity culture, and consumerism.