Cameron Brentlinger

My first body of work are images about mixing the natural world with our technical and human world. Among these images is a narrative about produce revolting against humans in response to climate change, as well as photographs of “science projects” that at first glance may appear part of the latest science discovery, and some images are more about anthropomorphizing objects in the natural world. The project is about exploiting our environment, rethinking and playing with science, as well as seeing ourselves in objects.

My second body work is my quarantine fairytale. The work is inspired by tropes of young women being stuck in the house like Repunzel and Cinderella, my childhood, as well as the true story of women throughout history being told the best place for them is in the house. The work is about being trapped, trying to “expand my walls”, and this underlying feeling to keep busy in order to not face one’s reality.