Daniela De Pontes
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The Other Me

This series of photographs explores my identity in relation to my twin sister. Many questions arise, especially when people meet us for the first time:

“Who is older?”

“Are you identical?”

“Can you read each other's minds?”

The constant interrogation from people who are not familiar with us makes us reanalyze ourselves, both physically and psychologically. The small differences such as our freckles, scars, and how our faces are shaped only depict how we look on the outside. No one has ever asked, “How are you both so alike?” because our appearance makes it seemingly obvious.

As I realized  this, my sister and I began to navigate how we can distinguish ourselves through our personalities. Although we have been inseparable, even before birth, our personalities are distinct. When we were babies, my parents noticed certain behaviors as we played together the actions and feelings of being inside the womb. We would grab my father's white shirts,  place ourselves within this confined space and feel each other's faces. This unconscious action is one that I plan to explore in my photographs, alongside themes of replication and duality.

The photographs are taken by both my sister and me, in alternation. We are attempting to replicate the image of our body parts. External factors are also something that change our appearance and we have different scars from separate experiences growing up. We share the same scar on our left arm from a vaccine we took when we were babies, and the only difference between them is a freckle that grew in the middle of my scar a few years later. The idea of time is also something that takes part in this project as new freckles grow and scars disappear. In some ways we become more similar but at the same time more different.