Emlyn Orr
email: eorr@pratt.edu
Instagram: @emlynorr

Between Blinks

Recontextualizing imagery through physical or digital manipulation has been a consistent theme in my work. I remove the specificity of the people, locations, and objects my source material contains to see what other visual and emotional associations I can push forward. Scientific tools and motifs are often present in this process, since I am interested in how science performs as a neutral tool of exploration, discovery, and presentation.

The work I have been making in quarantine is centrally focused on shape and color. I am now using pictures of things around me here at home, instead of the segments of archival images much of my previous work is built around. This pandemic has us existing in micro and macro states at once--zooming in on our own lives as we remain inside, and zooming out in an attempt to comprehend global catastrophe. Thus, in my work I am operating with a destabilized sense of scale and weight. The colors are as frustrated, uncanny, and dangerous as the world “outside.”