Henry Crawley
email: hcrawley@pratt.edu
Instagram: @maybeitshenry

A Complete Fabrication displays the convoluted nature of expressing emotion. Following the recent loss of two pivotal family members merely months apart, a need for process was exercised. When left with nothing but confusion, a new appreciation for the physical items around me was had. The many different blankets, shirts, and other items of importance around me carried a certain weight, supplementing loss as they are linked to different parts of my life. Within the images the materials themselves become stand ins, recreating specific moments from the past five months in a surreal setting. The treatment of the objects reveals the relationship between their prior and current owner—some items too personal to fully reveal.

A stage is set using the various fabrics, creating a physical representation of the thought process—a mind map of photographs in hopes of understanding these newfound feelings. The personal events being dissected aren't fully fleshed out in the mind, allowing for the steril backdrop to be seen in some of the photos. A sense of brokenness can be found as some images aren't fully furnished, with some of the material being hopelessly torn or tied. Other moments become too chaotic to recognize, overwhelming the composition with an array of fabrics and color with the only option of having to sit with the photograph. Each image provides a space for investigation by the viewer as they are confronted by these unfamiliar items. Recurring items and subjects become symbolic characters, moving freely throughout the project and grounding the mind of the viewer. With each photograph, a different scene is shown. When arranged all together the images work with each other to tell the larger narrative.