Jack Dyson
email: jdyson4@pratt.edu
Instagram: @jack_mb_dyson

My Ideals...And Many More

My Ideals (And Many More,) are not necessarily clear to myself. If nostalgia is constructed, then the memories stemming from them are not real, and not artificial; they exist somewhere in between. A memory cannot exist in a state of pure accuracy, and it cannot exist as a purely fictitious state. All memories are unique to the subject.

With the act of recalling comes the act of dramatization, and performativity, which many would describe as moments of fiction. They are not necessarily artifice, after all, social interaction is a performance.

In the same way that relationships and social interaction are experiences that stem from construction, so are images created through the camera. Perhaps they exist in harmony, the photographic image can never be truly real or artificial, it exists in the mind of the creator. When the image is fabricated, an acknowledgement from the photographer is made. It connects the image to the photographer, whether explicit or implicit, through a bond that is not necessarily observable.

This series of work explores these themes, and relationships, and how they interact with the act of creating pictures.