jacob grumulaitis
email: Jgrumulaitis@gmail.com
Instagram: @Jacob.grumulaitis
web: Jacobmgphotography.com

I believe that a person’s identity is created through a combination of who they see themselves as and the many versions of you others create in knowing and seeing you. I enjoy the existential search of the idea of myself as a 20-year-old, knowing that my identity will be constantly fluctuating and is not purely defined by myself alone.

Is there a point to this search knowing there is no certain answer?

Can Self-portraits be a medium of honesty of introspection?

Are we ever not performing?

Is a ritual more important than the beliefs behind it?

Can you ever unlearn something, or can you only replace?

Can intimacy ever be real?

Does our relationship with others populate ourselves?

Is there ever truth in photography?

Is there ever truth in how we see ourselves?

The only answers I seem to chase are the philosophical paradoxes, but why should I face an impending conversation without some levity. I see the personal traits that are most important to a persona to be the ones you share with others, the ones that you are proud enough to stomach through in sharing. I hope not just to showcase parts of my identity I show, but also the parts that I am still coming to grips with.