Jasmine Smith
email: Jsmith25@pratt.edu
Instagram: @Jaz.amor.art

For this project, my focus was to express my experience with what could be undiagnosed ADHD. Over the break before this semester, I did research on signs of ADHD after having suspicions I might have it and began seeing a psychiatrist in order to get a proper diagnosis. But due to COVID-19, I haven’t been able to get a neuro-psych test. Through this work, I wanted to convey ADHD from my perspective. And through this project, I learned more about myself and what I am comfortable photographing. When I began to go further into this project I began to realize why: it is not any easy thing to express through words or photos. To get inside my own mind and try and capture it in pictures was surprisingly difficult. Also, I wasn’t very comfortable photographing the most personal parts. Even though this was a tough project, I hope it inspires others to make work like this too.