Kate hollitscher
email:  khollits@pratt.edu
Instagram: @kateshootsfilm

Through black and white film nude self portraiture, I attempt to explore both the physical and psychological aspects of growing up in a fat body. The physical side is shown through single exposure portraits which display my body naturally, focusing on themes of the soft, supple traits of fat bodies. They attempt to display confidence and self love. The psychological side is shown through multiple exposure portraits which attempt to explore the idea of taking up the space fat bodied people have been taught we are not worthy of. The double exposures examine the pain and anger that comes with growing up as a fat bodied person in a fat phobic society. Both sets of self portraiture put me at my most vulnerable, making for a feeling of liberation. I hope to produce a plethora of both physically and mentally stimulating self portraits, as well as create a safe space in my work for other fat bodied women to resonate with. As for the video, I made it this semester for a different class and figured it would work well with the theme of my images.  The film is meant to represent a psychological landscape of one being hyper aware of their body in space.

There is one photographer who influences my work: Brittney Cathey-Adams. Adams is also a fat bodied photographer who has worked in black and white nude self portraiture. Adams focuses on the idea of “looking vs. seeing” which interests me and can be related back to my work. In her artist statement on her website, Adams asks, “What does this body feel like?” This question is one I often find myself asking when photographing. While Adams is to thank for the majority of my inspiration, I also found myself interested in Irving Penns, “Earthly Bodies” nude series. Penns series only interested me aesthetically with his inclusion of nude bigger bodied models in black and white.

Growing up in this body has made me painfully aware of the duality of perception, so I decided to take it into my own hands.