Katherine DeFelice

This collection of work is about self rediscovery, identity, and warped perspectives. Through the use of projectors and post processing, I aim to examine my presence in a space. The locations throughout the work are places I’ve frequented often in my life, which remind me of happy, sad, or mundane moments. The work originally began from a conversation with myself in which I felt as though I had two different selves. The person I am at school in New York felt very different than the person I am in New Jersey.

    In this series, I began projecting my face on to the landscapes and places that belong to my life. The image used for projection is a straightforward headshot, similar to a passport or ID photo. It is an image of me, but it doesn’t give much insight into who I am as a person, just my physical identity. I chose to stare directly into the camera in order to confront myself and the audience.While setting up each frame in public spaces, I am forced to see my physicality and try to figure out who this projected woman is. Another part of the work is the importance of abstraction with the figure. I use natural elements and textures to build over myself: trees, water, and sometimes dead fish. There will always be a physical barrier keeping the viewer from ever fully seeing Me. The goal with this work is to capture the isolating psychological distress I’ve experienced while trying to come to terms with who I am as a person.