Kaytlin Bronson
email: kbron488@pratt.edu
Instagram: @kaytlinbronson

My long-term project acknowledges the issue of climate change. I am interested in the functions of society, and my work, By the Hands of Society, focuses on humans' influence over the environment. I’ve grown up in a time where advocacy and awareness of climate change is rising, and I am actively participating in educating myself on how the world is changing and how humans have a large part in shaping the future.

By the Hands of Society was influenced and began by an early photograph I created that represents the role society plays in deciding what women should do with their bodies - specifically reproduction. I believe the womb to be an environment within itself, and that photograph was the early basis for questioning how influential society can be on their surroundings and environment.

My project has progressed to acknowledging the issues of climate change and how it affects humans. Covering the issues of melting ice, water pollution, air pollution, erosion, and human superiority, I use simple, abstract, and metaphorical materials to create nuanced photographs. I create the objects out of man-made materials to represent how the natural world is being overtaken by artificial materials. I want my photographs to make viewers question what the image represents and their part in the climate change crisis. Overall, my photographs for By the Hands of Society display the actions that humans enact on the environment and how they in turn are affected.