maccray rentel

This work is about the relationship I have recently rekindled with my childhood friend, Eddie.

Earlier in the semester, I went back to my childhood town in Westchester for the first time since I moved away before high school.  I spent time making work there and re-exploring different locations of the town that had become ‘icons’ to me.  This led me to reconnecting with Eddie, among a few other friends, who I’d been essentially out of contact with for 6-7 years.  While my work earlier this semester was mainly about the crew of characters up north and their antics, the work later took focus around Eddie.

Earlier this year, before Eddie and I had reconnected in Westchester, he found himself in a tremendously hard situation.  After being diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer, he was amidst legal trouble with his family, all the while dealing with a messy breakup.  He reached out to me and began staying with me at my place for a few months.  We talked for hours at night, delving deep into emotional experiences I had no idea Eddie had dealt with before.  It was surreal to connect with a friend like this who you thought you knew everything about. The time we spent together was an incredibly messy, at times dark, scary time.  Yet, somehow, the most overwhelming emotion I experienced in my time with Eddie was inspiration. His stoic and optimistic demeanor were his backbone and his candlelight that got him through a dark and uncertain time.

I chose the format of film and video in concert with one-another to permanently freeze certain moments, while bringing others to life simultaneously.  I hope the work serves as a testament to both Eddie’s mental resilience and the wonders of a friendship.