Mitchill Montinez

My work has always been a little otherworldly, and this has extended/wormed its way into how I live.  This project came about due to my sleep schedule that happened naturally, as well as how I see myself due to the circumstances of that sleep schedule. Currently the way I sleep has split into two instances, and it’s impacted the way I see things during the very depths of the night. Using my camera and a red light source (a lightsaber) I want to capture my feelings of being a wisp in the night as I travel and “play” through my neighborhood. Being the only human awake and around during these times I want to show all the energy I’ve pent up and releasing it into the photos I create while still diminishing my human form: it shows how I see myself during these times. A simple light wandering and playing throughout the neighborhood.

My main inspiration in feeling like a wisp or a ghost is the 19th century spirit photographer William Mumler whose work includes a picture of Mary Todd Lincoln posing with her dead husband and president Abraham Lincoln. Another influence that steered me more towards this feeling of being a ghost is Clarence John Laughlin especially his work Ghosts Along the Mississippi. The Idea of using long exposures as well as light from another source to accentuate my form as a wisp comes from Christopher Hubble who works extensively with Long Exposure night photography that includes working with lights from moving sources such as cars and in some cases a rocket.