Meaghan Hackett
Instagram: @meagatives

For this project I chose to focus on the interaction of people and architecture, more specifically the personalization of space. Architecture photography has always been my main focus, taking inspiration mostly from Eugène Atget and his very technical architecture photos. For this project I wanted to shift away from this structural way of viewing architecture and add a sense of life to the photographs. I started out focusing on how I personalize spaces, photographing places like my dorm and hotel rooms. The project shifted into more of a study on other people’s spaces, specifically how people present themselves through windows. Pulling inspiration from photographers like Vivian Maier and Lee Friedlander, these photos give off the feeling of human presence through use of windows.

This project studies the intimacy of space and how it manifests itself through window presentation. This collection of photos mimics a walk of sorts and what it would be like to pass these places. Windows serve as a portal into a space and allow those passing to form an idea of who is present there. When passing a house, store, or vehicle, the viewer can gain an understanding of what it is like inside based on what can be seen through the windows. Window decoration is what people are allowing the outside world to see. It is how they are choosing to be portrayed. They are letting those passing make an assumption and infer their own story of who or what is present in the space. While viewers of this project may never enter the spaces I photograph, they are able to understand the feeling of the space through its windows.