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Chasing The Glimmer:

Photographs, while allowing for an acquisitive relation to the world, present a series of declarative truths. Photography, a medium inherently documentary in its character, is the most poignant visual form, rooted in truth. My interest in photography is to create questions within a medium that lends itself to legibility. Chasing the Glimmer is a collection of prose in conversation with images taken in New York and Washington, D.C. It is a series of gestures, fleeting signatures, a result of wandering and wondering — a meditation on being alone and the peace that comes with it.

Compelling imagery and poetry create more questions than answers. I am intrigued by authorial reticence: the notion that a narrator, whether written or visual, deliberately provides no explanation for the extraordinary events taking place. In doing so, the viewer accepts these magical events as truths. I shoot double exposures as I find this visual process abstracts, disorients, and occupies the realm of magical realism – a genre of writing that I look to emulate visually, whether through sequencing or through individual imagery. In A Breath of Life, Clarice Lispector writes, “I know only one thing: I am pungently real. And that I am alive photographing the dream. Anyone can daydream as long as you don’t keep your consciousness too brightly lit.” My work is a visual assertion of this statement. I look for the unreal that is real.

In the obscured, fragmentary approach to these images, I capture the essence of subjects: of landscapes, objects, and people. In each case, there is a window in which a subject addresses the camera and gives itself life. I am constantly looking for the angle in which this window makes itself seen. In Chasing the Glimmer, I create an ambiguity that sustains a humming vitality in these photographs, one that seeks a temporal beauty, a stillness, and captures it in a way that is literate and reverential.