email: OMADIGAN@pratt.edu
Instagram: @owenmadigan
web: owenmadigan.nyc

This photographic work is about showing you how I take New York City in during my weekly walks within the Covid pandemic, alongside the deep connection and love that I have for my city and the ways I experience and see it. I wander, but am not lost.

I was born and raised in this city, growing up on the Upper West Side. With each year my love for my home grows more intensely. No city moves quite like New York to me. Especially when the world feels like it's coming to an end most days.

I want my audience to see the city through my lens and notice what captures my magpie eye. Ever since I can remember taking walks by myself, wandering these magical streets, I’ve been drawn to the impressions left behind by people on the sidewalks that most would pass by without second thought. Subject matter that challenges my fixed meanings of life and the ways people choose to live it. From the disposable to the precocious, all are the evidence of living.

This subject matter however encompasses a well rounded city life. I am drawn to the movement of the city and things that are beautiful, that shock me, make me angry, make me laugh, make me full of sorrow, make me feel overwhelmingly happy and full of love, or challenge me and the way I take life in.

I want my audience to see New York the way I do, with the streets speaking more to me than usual. It feels as though in these crazy times people are leaving behind golden eggs scattered across city streets for me to find and capture before they are lost for eternity. In this book you may find these moments frozen in time forever....