Olivia Noss
Email: onoss@pratt.edu
Website: olivianoss.com
Instagram: @olivia.noss

Measures of Solace

Finding beauty in decay is not a new idea, nor is finding meaning in the mundane, or meaning in meaninglessness. Nonetheless, these images I have compiled from times I have spent in Berlin, Lisbon, and Washington, D.C. are a nuanced extension of these themes.

This series entitled, Measures of Solace, combines elements of portraiture, still life, and landscape. I create structures within abandoned spaces, using the materials found within that space. While these structures echo readymade, site-specific sculptures, they are presented in their final form as photographs.

This work, all shot on 35mm film, has allowed me to engage with the medium of photography as a meditative process. In not knowing how my images turned out as I took them, it pushed me to focus on process over result, and, more specifically, to appreciate the physicality of shooting as a sort of meta gesture within my own creative process.

These images are formally driven. I am drawn to subtleties of light and stillness, and how the two together lend themselves towards a tension, even potential energy, through the positioning of these objects.

I find it an interesting challenge to create something new, something tangible in spaces that people neglect. Through photographing abandoned spaces, I aim to create a series of ‘landscape portraits’ that is visceral and serves as an intersection between sculpture and photography. Measures of Solace is a collection of gestures, fleeting signatures, a result of wandering and wondering, that is a meditation on being alone and the peace that comes with it.