Owen Madigan
EMAIL: omadigan@pratt.edu
Instagram: @owenmadigan WEB: owenmadigan.nyc

The main project I’m presenting today is what I have been working on since this global pandemic has started. Having to leave New York City and my apartment for the first time in 21 years, not knowing when I’m coming back, has placed me in Orient, Long Island alongside suburban America. I have been exploring the vast beach filled countryside with my photographs.  Having grown up in the city I feel a disconnect from this landscape, but I am constantly in awe of my surroundings.   In my pictures I have tried to focus on color within landscapes, beauty and decay within nature, Americana style buildings and storefronts, and any other visually striking pictures from the landscape. The rest of the photographs I have paired with my presentation are the first 7 photos in my collection and they are from various other projects from this school year.  My other projects have an emphasis and focus on New York City life, youth culture, and street photography.