Patricia Romanzo
instagram: @Pattyromanzo

Within the last few months, I've noticed my memories are starting to disintegrate. When I try to reflect on my past I can only remember little details, and even then they are mostly a blur. This is extremely frustrating. I don’t understand why this happens or how to explain it to others.  It’s become one of my greatest fears. How can I talk about something that no one else can see? I could never quite describe it until my camera got involved.

My work recreates my interpretations of my memories. Each set of photographs shows a different impression. Reconstructing each lost moment sparks another one, and another  one, allowing them to grow as a collage, revealing  different views and helping set the stage for each recollection. My hope is  that these photographs also trigger its viewers to reflect on their own personal and moments–to take them back as well. Some say it’s good to forget, but I want to remember.