Philip Bae
Instagram: @lipisllit

My project stems from my fascination of creating a fantasy through photography. When I was young, I remember constructing figurines and building spaces with blocks, which fostered my curiosity towards the manipulation and distortion of spaces.  Hence, my past projects have focused on still lifes where I am able to gain full control over the space and express my own unique vision. Film has always been a major influence to my photography. I have always appreciated the cinematographer’s role creating the scene and considering all of the angles and compositions of the image. My admiration of sci-fi films and anime has also influenced my fascination with manipulated and modified spaces. In my work, I create non-representational images by constructing abstract spaces that defy reality and relate to the Cyberpunk aesthetic and the hyperreality that I reference in my photographs. Films such as Blade Runner, Matrix, Logan’s Run, Alien and Akira appeal to me both visually and socially. For instance, analyzing the architecture and city layout in Akira, helped me understand how to construct an illusional space. The cool purple and blue tones in Blade Runner influenced my choice of lighting. Scenes from the Matrix–where characters literally plug themselves to virtual reality using a  headjack behind their head–are specific references that I apply to my images to show the connection between the objects and their virtual environment.