Rose Greco
Instagram: @rosesphotobook

My Mom and Me

Although my mother is not my biological mother, she and I have built a strong bond ever since she adopted me when I was almost one year old. Many of our friends and family describe our relationship as special and unique - one that most people do not have. She is my mother, father, and best friend. During lockdown in my childhood home, my bond with my mom has strengthened more than ever before.

Given all the time we are spending together, I decided to attempt to capture the essence of our connection at home. Every week we create staged scenes of our daily lives together in our home or places we frequently visit. We eat dinner together almost every night, go on car rides and walks. While capturing moments of us together, I also realized I was photographing the loneliness my mom experienced while I was living away at college. It is important to me that the photographs feel authentic and intimate, even though they are staged. The poses and facial expressions establish a sense of the compassionate relationship we have.

I have found inspiration for this project in many photographers from a variety of genres: Carrie Mae Weems, Dorothea Lange, Ethan James Green, Larry Sultan, and Richard Avedon. Each of these photographers capture the relationships between people differently, yet all of their photos convey a strong emotional connection. These artists’ techniques, such as poses, facial expressions, and locations, have been incorporated into my approach to each scene and portrait I have photographed.

Although these photos are of my relationship with my mom, many are photographed in a manner that allows others to relate to them. I hope the images translate our connection and feelings in a way that others can relate to. Perhaps people can find a part of their own relationships with their loved ones - from the past or present - in the photographs of my mom and me.