Ryan Benjiman
email: ryanbenjaminphotography@gmail.com
Instagram: @stupidinspace
web: ryanbenjaminphotography.com

Historically, people have been able to construct the way they were depicted so they could have control over how they were seen. Egyptian pharaohs, Roman emperors, and French and English aristocracy may have looked nothing like their depictions at all. Usually, a right reserved for members of the upper class, due to the accessibility of the internet and access to social media, more people now have the ability to sculpt the way they are viewed. My goal is to create heavily digitally manipulated self-portraits inspired thematically by controversial images in pop culture and fashion photography. The likes of these inspirations are not necessarily important to the questions of my work so long as it's understood that the visual concepts aren't wholly mine. Unlike the work of Cindy Sherman, my goal is not to portray myself as a character. I intend to emphasize my likeness while changing the individual themes to ideas that I deem vapid in nature to question whether or not that changes the legitimacy of my depiction. I am interested in questioning the reality and truthfulness of the people we present ourselves to be in the digital age.