Sibyla Giles
Instagram: @sibylagilesphoto

Sophomore year has changed a lot of things for me and my photography.  In the past, I’ve done a lot of landscape photography and I wanted to try something new this year. So this past fall, I took a lot of photos inside my apartment. Shooting around the place that I’m living in started at the beginning of quarantine and continued throughout 2020. I had fun making the work I did and I made some work I’m proud of, but by the beginning of the Spring semester I was feeling stuck within my work and didn’t know where to go from there. I had taken a series of self-portraits for my Sophomore Critique class which I was happy with, but I didn’t have many ideas on how to continue that series.

I had been wanting to get back to landscapes for a while and that was the perfect opportunity. I started by shooting with a medium format camera and color film for the first time. And I made a weekend trip back home to the Catskills and hiked across our farm and shot photos that I’m proud of. It felt really good to be able to get back to a way of photographing that I love so much. The way I was making work during quarantine and during the Fall semester was interesting and new but I ended up feeling trapped inside and in small spaces. This was strange for me because I grew up in the country and that’s where I began taking photos. I’m used to having a wide open space to work within when I’m shooting landscapes. The magic of a beautiful landscape has always been present in my life and is very important to me. Being able to show that magic in my art makes me love my work all the more. I’m glad I’ve had the experiences with photography that I’ve had this year because they expanded my knowledge of and skill in photography. I was able to explore new ideas and see what I could do with them. I believe that even if I don’t continue that work now, I will use it as inspiration for future projects. And I got to go back to photographing a subject that I’m very familiar and comfortable with, but with new knowledge and skill.