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The black community sets the standard in beauty  and  fashion  trends.  Simultaneously, white supremacy works to contain this expressiveness.  This is most clearly evident  in the way institutional racism works to require black men and women to change their natural hair in order to earn acceptance in school, careers and life.  

Beauty trends seen in high fashion magazines are plagiarized from the black community mere months or weeks after they gain popularity.  White America cashes in on a well developed and manipulated lifecycle that copies style from within the black community, magically transitioning what is first labeled "ghetto" or "street" into "high fashion" simply by slapping the same style on a white model or celebrity. 

In my collection I  have explored the beauty supply industry and its symbiotic relationship with black people.  From product types to tools and actual hair, these are the ways we try to bring the beauty of what is inside of us - our culture, our stories, our victories and our tragedies, to the outside world.  The time, effort, and money spent in order to present our best selves to the world should be celebrated while it is ours, not after it has been taken from us.