Victoria Andrew

Instagram: @vvictoria.andrew

For this project entitled Sorry for the Mess!, my main objective is to take photographs of various objects and belongings within my home as well as other people’s homes, along with capturing the light that streams into houses. Since being home for over a year, I have gained a new appreciation for the house that I have grown up in for most of my life. With this project, I am shooting in both my own home along with friends and family homes that are in the area (Fairfield County, Connecticut). Through taking photographs in other people’s homes, it allows me to visually explore a new place that is not as familiar to me as my own. My goal is to make a new discovery about common, universal, objects and things that are in people’s homes.

While working on this project, I started to explore the concept of diptych and triptych work, inspired by Jan Groover. By making these diptychs and triptychs, it allows for rooms to be ‘built’ when they are images within the same room, comparisons to be made within two separate homes, and commonalities present within individual homes.

My main influences for this body of work are body of work my main influences are Jan Groover, Joel Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore, and Roman Sparato. Each of these photographers influences me in different ways, with the common theme being the ways in which they capture mundane aspects of life in an almost romanticized way. Specifically, Sparato, Shore, and Meyerowitz all focus on capturing the mundane everyday aspects of life such as food on a table, or light coming through the window, while Groover focuses more on still lifes, with her triptych and diptych pieces of the same subject highlighting specific details. Through this project, I hope to have created a collection of images that showcase multiple homes and the commonalities and differences within and between each one.