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When I first began photographing, I took photos of my life including my friends and my neighborhood. When I look at those photos, they recall memories and warmth. Later on, when life had changed and familiar things had gone, I found that the strangeness of unfamiliar things, people and emotions could be a new theme of my photography. Photographing in the street,

without knowing my subjects, speaks to this strangeness.

Photography provides a means to observe life. Beauty can be found in ordinary places and ordinary subjects. After practicing street photography for years, I think that unlike photographers who express their own thoughts through their pictures, a street photographer must only decide three certain things, which are when, where, and what angle to shoot a photograph. At a certain time and place, there will be a high probability of a specific scene, that is, something you expect will appear in a certain place like loving couples on the beach or workers on a construction site. Yet, there is also uncertainty, which makes the scene humorous and more beautiful. For instance, once I walked down the street trying to find pandemic related scenes but I couldn’t find anything new, until I looked up and saw three birds lined on the edge of a building. Those three birds kept the same distance from each other and the proportion of sky and building was perfect. It seems like the only certainty of street photography is the observation of the photographer. Observation is the essence of my photography.

I used to think that my work is only about uncertainty, the uncertainty that when you have a perfect imagined scene in your mind but your camera and the world around you say, “no”. However, I have come to understand that pure observation is the most fundamental part of my work.